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Electric Car Charging Station (EV Charging Station) Installation

Electric vehicles provide many benefits, including saving money for the driver on fuel and maintenance costs, producing less pollution and emissions, and decreasing oil use. Whether you own a Tesla S, Chevy Spark or Volt, Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, Honda Fit, or other electric vehicle, you’ll want to have an EV Charging Station so you don’t have to search for nearby power stations.

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What is a charging station and why do I need one?

Earlier models of electric vehicles could be plugged into a normal outlet. Current and future electric vehicles are much more advanced and have more powerful batteries, which require a lot more electricity than a normal outlet can safely provide. Using a normal outlet to charge electric vehicles can be dangerous and takes a lot more time and energy. An EV Charging Station supplies AC power to your electric vehicle and charges its battery. EV Charging Stations have numerous safety features that protect your vehicle and your home or building’s electrical system. They also decrease charging time and maximize battery efficiency.

Are you considering letting a handyman install your EV Charging Station?

EV Charging Stations are integrated into the home or commercial building’s electrical system. Installation mistakes could result in overloaded circuits, electrical fires, and other hazards. When you hire Cross Electric LLC to install your EV Charging System, a licensed electrician will review your existing electrical system to ensure that it is sufficiently equipped for the required high voltage outlet. If your current electrical system isn’t sufficiently equipped, we can upgrade your panel during the same service call, saving you time and money.

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