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Whole House Standby Generator Installation and Service

Sleep Soundly with the Peace of Mind of a Whole Home Generator Installed by Cross Electric LLC! Cross Electric LLC is a Certified Generac Installer, and can meet all of your installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

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Do You Lose Power Frequently?

It's easy to take your electricity for granted. It’s so intrinsic to modern society that it’s hard to imagine life without it. But, the power grid is a fickle thing. Severe inclement weather can disrupt electrical current to your home or business. And, if you don’t take steps to prevent it, your family can end up stuck in the dark. That’s why we believe everyone would be better off with a home generator.

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The Benefits of Whole-Home Generators

In the case of large-scale natural disasters, it can take a while before the power comes back on again. Could you and your family handle five or six days without having the lights on? How long would it take before your home disintegrated into the Lord of the Flies?

Installing a standby generator can save you from...

  • Having to pack up your family in the middle of the night to go stay at a family member or friend's house.
  • Needing to replace hundreds of dollars' worth of food and drinks and dealing with the mess of a thawed-out freezer.
  • Worrying about the potential loss of electricity-provided heat can do to warp hardwood flooring or causing pipes to burst in low-temperature situations.
  • Scaring away potential homebuyers that have standby generators at the top of their shopping list (a study by Consumer Reports found that adding a home generator can increase your home value between 3 and 5 percent)
  • Having to worry about those members of your family who are reliant on electrically powered medical devices and equipment. No one ever wants to think “How long can I survive without ____?”

Fun Fact! Did you know that the average refrigerator contains anywhere from $130-$300 of stock at any one time?

How Loud Is a Whole House Standby Generator?
How Much Maintenance Does a Generator Need?
How Much Does It Cost to Install a Whole-Home Generator in Fort Worth?
How Much Does It Cost to Run the Generator?
How Long Will My Standby Generator Last?
Are You Considering Installing Your Own Generator?

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